About Us

Mission Statement

Our purpose as a dental team is to provide the best quality dental care to our patients, family, and friends. Our goal is to serve the local communities and families with excellent dental care. 


My philosophy stems from my belief in minimally invasive dental treatment. This is accomplished by saving tooth structure, patient education, and prevention through early detection. I want patients to understand my approach to their individualized treatment. 

We embrace advanced technology and strive to continue our own dental and medical education. Some of these technologies that we incorporate are the Biolase laser (to cut and complete minimally invasive teeth preparations), air abrasion, digital radiographs, and oral cancer screening tools through cameras and other diagnostic tools. 

We focus on patient education where our patients can make informed decisions on their own treatment goals. We also incorporate magnification loupes along with intraoral cameras. We consider Invisalign a vital product for minor teeth movement. Our use of Biolase laser and air abrasion technology allows us to treat children without dental injection. Dr. Ala Dean Attar’s experience and confidence with children have come from his many years of work at the Children’s Infant Welfare Society of Chicago and Oak Park.

We welcome new families and children.