Lumecca- IPL (Intense Pulse Light)

At Attar Dental, we understand that an even skin tone is a key indicator of vibrant and youthful skin, and as concerns about hypo- and hyperpigmentation arise with age, we offer effective solutions like Lumecca, a potent intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment designed to effectively address pigmented and vascular lesions. Experience a significant improvement in your complexion and skin clarity after just one session, as Lumecca employs the comfort and effectiveness of photothermolysis. 

Benefits of Lumecca: 

  • Treats age spots 
  • Reduces vascular lesions like spider veins 
  • Addresses rosacea 
  • Diminishes freckles 
  • Repairs sun damage 

Normal redness and a slight warming of the skin post-treatment usually subside within an hour, with potential temporary darkening of pigmented spots over the next one to two days. In the weeks following, observe the clearance of pigmented lesions, resulting in a harmonized skin tone. Vascular lesion treatments may cause the vein to blanch or undergo a color change, dissipating after a few days. 

Notice an improved skin appearance after the initial session, with even better results achievable through multiple sessions, always administered by the experienced Attar Dental team. 

  • Full Face: 1 session $500 3 sessions $1,200 
  • Neck Only: 1 session $300 3 sessions $750